Engineering Division functions include the management of all of the city’s infrastructure improvements within the corporate limits. This includes:
  • Building facilities
  • Storm water drainage facilities
  • Street and road network
  • Traffic signal installations and systems
In order to coordinate with city plans and protect the traveling public, the division:
  • Reviews privately developed infrastructure plans that are associated with residential and commercial development
  • Reviews expansion plans for other entities
    • AT&T
    • Dayton Power and Light Company
    • Greene County Sanitary Engineering Department
    • Ohio Department of Transportation
Other responsibilities include:
  • Oversees the preparation of contract documents, often through the use of consultants, for city funded public works, including some park improvements
  • Manages numerous requests for information and service from the general public and forward noncity items to the appropriate governmental agencies
  • Issues right-of-way, driveway, and sidewalk permits
Questions concerning street names, flood plains, lot and plat data and drainage problems are often addressed in the Engineering Office.
  1. N Fairfield Rd Resurfacing

    Work for the N Fairfield Rd Resurfacing Project from North Drive to Lakeview Drive will begin Monday, 3/18/2019. Please contact Engineering at 937-427-5513 with questions. Read On...
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