Street Resurfacing & Curb Replacement Program

The City of Beavercreek has dedicated $2.5 million to its 2023 Street Resurfacing and Curb Replacement Program to resurface various streets within the city. This program also includes replacing portions of deteriorated curb on curbed streets that will be resurfaced this year. The city will resurface approximately 8.54 centerline miles of streets in 2023. Click here to view a map. 

Streets included in this year's program are as follows: 

StreetFromToLength (in feet)
Esquire Dr.Lakeview  Dr.North Terminus983
Commons Blvd. North FairfieldEsquire Dr. 626
Hanes Road Dayton-Xenia Rd. McKay Rd. 5010
Highview Dr. Wenrick Dr. Darlington Dr. 1150
Highview Dr. Darlington Dr. Dayton-Xenia Rd.1600
Sunny Dr. Highview Dr. Darlington Dr. 595
Lemcke Rd. Ater Dr. Oriole Dr. 1350
Lemcke Rd. Oriole Dr. Lantz Rd. 2650
Fudge Dr. Dayton-Xenia Rd. 500s South of Penny3357
Fudge Dr. 500s South of Penny Bahns Dr. 1952
Darlington Dr. Highview Dr. Sunny Dr. 850
Darlington Dr. Sunny Dr. Dayton-Xenia Rd. 450
Wenrick Dr. Darlington Dr. 400s of Highview Dr. 1864
Factory Rd. (base repair)Nutter Park Dayton-Xenia Rd. 1800
Shakertown Rd. (base repair)Coy Dr. Greystone Dr.3800
Stauffer Dr. Towncrest Dr. 50 ft. East of Honey Jane Dr.750
Stauffer Dr. 50 ft. East of Honey Jane Dr.300 ft. West of Tracy Dr. 2200
Stauffer Dr. 300 ft. West of Tracy Dr. Alpha-Bellbrook Rd.
Rhett Dr. 750 ft. East of Butterfly Dr.East Terminus 1041
Rebel Ct. South TerminusTara Trail 185
Tara Trail EastAlpha-Bellbrook Rd. East Terminus890
Tara TrailWindy Ct. Alpha-Bellbrook Rd. 2122
Scarlett Dr. Windy Ct. Melanie Ct. 800
Colonial Dr. South Terminus950s of Casler Ave.1000
Merrick Dr. Big Stone Rd. Shakertown Rd. 3934
Danny Dr. Carthage Dr. Merrick Dr. 572
Ephrata Ct. N. Danern Dr. 388 ft. East of Danern Dr. 410
Bunger Ct. Danern Dr. South Terminus150
Wistowa TrailDanern Dr. N. Danern Dr. 1192
Meridell Dr. Kenderton TrailN. Danern Dr. 580
Wenlan Ct. NW TerminusN. Danern Dr. 580
East Hill Ln.Dumbarton OaksWoods Dr. 400
Dumbarton OakesEast Hill Ln. Harry Truman Dr. 720
Crestview Ct. South TerminusHarry Truman Dr. 210
Harry Truman Dr. West TerminusTurnbull Rd. 775
Mohave Dr.100s of Cascade East Terminus1492
Cabeza Ct. Southwest TerminusE. Mohave Dr. 230
Entrada Dr. Entrade Dr. (East)Helenwood Dr. (East)1445
Entrada Dr. (East)Entrada Dr. East Terminus645
Helenwood Dr. (East)Entrada Dr. Havasu Ct. 365
Helenwood Dr. (South)East Entrada Dr. Havasu Ct. 1378
Havasu Ct. Helewood Dr. Northeast Terminus 245

Total: 8.538 miles 

*Terminus = end of the road

For additional questions about the program, please see the FAQs below or contact Nick Smith, P.E., Assistant City Engineer at (937) 427-5513.

Common Questions and Answers 

Q:  What process is used to determine which streets to pave?
A:  Road resurfacing is determined by pavement condition ratings (PCR).  Streets with the lowest rating will receive priority.  PCR is an engineering evaluation based on visual inspections of roadways to determine deterioration.  The City of Beavercreek follows the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) evaluation procedure for PCR. 

Q:  Will the City replace the curb and what is included in the city's curb replacement program?
A:  Curb replacement is completed on streets that will be paved in the same year. Curb replacement consists of replacing spots of deteriorated curb on the street.  In addition, aprons that do not conform to city standards on streets to be paved will be upgraded to meet standards.

Q:  If I replace my driveway apron, will the city reimburse me?
A:  No, if you choose to replace your driveway or apron on your own, this will be at the property owner’s expense and will require a right-of-way permit to be obtained from Beavercreek's Engineering Division.  Please contact the engineering division at (937) 427-5513 for more information.

Q:  My street is on the list to be paved, when will it be paved this year?
A:  The resurfacing contract lasts through October.  Streets will be resurfaced based on the contractor’s schedule throughout the year.

Q:  Why are there “Police Order No Parking Signs” on my street?
A:  These signs are put up by the concrete and asphalt contractors for the resurfacing and curb replacement.  The contractor is required to put these signs up 48-hours prior to construction.  In addition, the contractor may also write what is being done and will put the dates that this will be in effect for the street.

Q:  Will I be able to travel down my street while the crews are working?
A:  Yes.  Curb work will be on one half of the roadway at a time. Concrete crews for curb replacement will have flaggers as needed and will open the roadway to two way traffic at the end of each day.  Resurfacing work will have traffic control consisting of flaggers to direct traffic around paving operations.

Q:  How long do I have to wait until I can go on the new pavement in the road or over the new curb in front of my driveway?
A:  Flaggers will direct you when you can get on the new pavement during paving operations.  Typically, this is about 30 minutes after the paver lays the new pavement and once they are done rolling the pavement.  For curb work, it typically take 5 to 7 days to allow the concrete to cure.  Before removing the curb, the contractor will contact the property owner to inform the property owner specifically when they can get over the new curb to their driveway.

Q:  My street is not on the list to be paved, when will it be paved?
A:  Road resurfacing is determined by pavement condition ratings (PCR).  Streets with the lowest rating will receive priority.  Beavercreek's Engineering Division keeps a list of public streets within Beavercreek with their PCR values.  Please contact the engineering division at (937) 427-5513 for questions and information.