Land Use Plan

The City of Beavercreek Land Use Plan (LUP) is a guide for Planning Commission and City Council to help both
decision-making bodies decide what is the anticipated best use for a specific parcel of land. The
best anticipated use for any given tract of land may not be the highest use possible and may not
be the use that the property owner would desire. The existing use of surrounding land, the type
of roadway on which the tract of land is situated, the character of the property itself, the distance
of the tract from major traffic arteries, and the potential impact of various uses that could be
placed on the tract are all examined in establishing the future land use for the property. The
potential economic return to the property owner for various types of use is not a consideration in
land use plans.

Explore the current City of Beavercreek Land Use Plan and the corresponding Land Use Map.