Curb Replacement Program

The City of Beavercreek Curb Replacement Program is a curb replacement program that consists of the replacement of curb and gutter, driveway approaches, and other work necessary to complete the program. The new curb and gutter will replace existing curb and gutter with City of Beavercreek "chairback" type curb and gutter. Drive approaches will be upgraded to include drop curb at the approach. The following is the list of streets that are included on the 2018 Curb Replacement Program. This totals approximately 9,365 feet of curb replacement.

Base Program

Windmill Drive Red Fox Drive East Terminus

Alternate Program

Celia Drive Betty Drive Obetz Drive
Ripon Drive Obetz Drive Valdina Drive
Towncrest Drive Homeway Drive Southfield Drive

As funding permits, streets from the Alternate Program may also have curb and gutter replaced.

If there are any questions about the curb replacement program, please contact the Engineering Department at (937) 427-5513.