City Taxes

Funding for many services and amenities enjoyed by the City of Beavercreek's residents and visitors, including police protection and public safety; road and traffic enhancements; parks, trails, and recreation facilities; community events; and more are funded by the city's various revenue sources.

Per the Ohio Revised Code (state law), there are two primary ways to fund cities in Ohio, either through an income tax and/or property taxes. A majority of City of Beavercreek residents have chosen to fund Beavercreek's city services through property taxes. The Ohio Revised Code does give cities the authority to impose an up to 1% incomce tax without a vote of the electors, but the City of Beavercreek's charter states council does not have the authority to "adopt and levy any tax without a majority vote of the electors voting on such levy."

The City of Beavercreek (population of 46,000) is one of three cities in the state of Ohio that does not have an income tax, the other two are Bellbrook, Ohio (population of 7,300) and Cortland, Ohio (population of 7,100). This means the City of Beavercreek relies mainly on property taxes to fund city services, which restricts levy funds to their specific purpose. 

Residents in the City of Beavercreek pay their property taxes through the Greene County Treasurer’s Office; however, not all property tax dollars go to the city. The City of Beavercreek is one of several taxing jurisdictions that share residents’ annual property tax payment. The city receives approximately 19%, or 19 cents of every tax dollar, of residents’ property taxes for city operations. Below is a breakdown of how city residents’ tax dollars are distributed. 

Property Tax

Approximately 19% of the city's funding is allocated as follows: 48.8% for city streets, 37.4% for the city's police department, 7.2% towards the city's general fund, and 6.6% for city parks. For additional information, including a breakdown of the city’s budget, click here.

Residential Property Taxes 

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Local Government Costs

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Understanding Real Estate Taxes in Ohio

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