Parks & Recreation


789 Orchard Lane
Beavercreek, OH 45432



Link: Parks & Recreation

Name Title Email Phone
Dell, Jackie Secretary 937-427-5514
Duteil, Lee Senior Center Supervisor 937-426-6166
Farrell, Kim Superintendent 937-427-5514
Fedkow, Krissi Senior Center Coordinator 937-426-6166
Lemke, Judy Secretary 937-426-6166
Harris, Erin Recreation Program Supervisor 937-427-5514
Stine, Jeff Parks Section Leader 937-427-5514
Thonnerieux, Mike Public Administrative Services Director 937-427-5514
Wike, Zach   937-427-5514

Youth Sports 

1368 Research Park Drive
Beavercreek, OH 45432


Link: Youth Sports

Name Title Email Phone
Collins, Larry BSA Youth Recreational Soccer   937-426-0967
Darden, Bob BYSA Youth Softball Head Commissioner   937-426-4610
Fruhwirth, Jeff Beavercreek Sox Baseball   937-429-7778
Grinstead, Tim BSA Celtic SC Youth Competitive Soccer   937-429-8576
Knapp, Larry BCAA Youth Baseball   937-427-1551
Puckett , Bill Eager Beaver Football and Cheerleading   937-285-0298
Randolph, Heidi Director of Beavercreek Youth Wrestling   937-623-2094
Randolph, Shawn Head Coach of Beavercreek Youth Wrestling   937-623-2094