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Grange Hall Road Widening Project Public Comment

  1. What is your interest in the Grange Hall Widening project?*
  2. Please provide any comments you have about the Grange Hall Widening project. This may include suggestions, concerns, or questions.
  3. Section 106 Consulting Party Request:
    The project will be evaluated to determine if it will affect historic properties, as required under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. If you are concerned regarding the project's effect on historic properties and would like to participate as a Section 106 consulting party, please check the appropriate box. Consulting parties work together to discuss options provide multiple viewpoints, and strive to seek common agreement on the incorporation of historic preservation values into the project. For further information, contact Keith Smith (ODOT District 8 Environmental Coordinator) at 513-933-6590.
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