Accessory Structure Permit

An Accessory Structure Permit (PDF) is required prior to constructing, replacing, expanding or moving any detached structure (i.e. shed, detached garage, gazebo). To receive an accessory structure permit, an application must be completed in full and submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department along with the application fee.

Permit Requirements

The permit must show all existing and proposed accessory structures. If the accessory structure exceeds 200 square feet, a full set of construction drawings along with 3 copies of a site plan drawn to engineering scale (i.e. 1 inch - 30 feet) are required. The information given on this application should be in compliance with the requirements of §158.104 of the Zoning Code as summarized below.

§158.104 of the Zoning Code

  • Detached garages may not be located nearer the front property line than the main dwelling. Detached accessory structures are not permitted in the front yard or the required side yard.
  • The structure may not exceed 16 feet in height.
  • All detached accessory structures over 200 square feet require a Greene County Building Permit (562-7420).
  • Typically the application will be reviewed in 1-2 business days and you will be notified by telephone when the application has been approved or if additional information is needed.