2022 Street Resurfacing & Curb Replacement Program

The City of Beavercreek 2022 Street Resurfacing and Curb Replacement Program will resurface various streets within the City throughout 2022. This program also includes spot replacements of deteriorated curb on curbed streets that are to be resurfaced this year. For questions about the program, please contact Nick Smith, P.E., Assistant City Engineer at (937) 427-5513.

The city will resurface approximately 5.67 centerline miles of streets with the program. These streets are listed in the Resurfacing Street List. In addition, there are streets where only the curb will be replaced. These are listed in the Curb Only Street List and total approximately 1.15 centerline miles of streets. Streets from the Curb Only list will be scheduled for resurfacing in 2023.

After completion of the streets included on these lists, the city will evaluate additional streets to potentially be resurfaced this year as funding allows.