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Aley Chapel Cemetery

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Brief History

Aley is an active cemetery and is situated in the northwest part of Beavercreek, on land set aside in the early 1800s by Jacob Aley on his farm.

In 1848 a formal deed was recorded, stating that the land be used for “education, burying, and religious services.” The church and cemetery are named in honor of Jacob Aley

In 1896, the cemetery portion of the plot of land was deeded to the Aley Cemetery Association, which was incorporated in the State of Ohio.

By 1961, trustees of the Aley Cemetery Association decided that maintenance of the cemetery could be better managed by the Beavercreek Township Trustees, so the articles of incorporation for the cemetery association were cancelled and the cemetery land was deeded to the township.

In 1980 when the City of Beavercreek was incorporated, Beavercreek Township deeded the cemetery to city.

One of the earliest marker bears the year 1813 as burial date for Isaac Aley. However, it is known that there are some unmarked graves, with no records as to location and who is interred.
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