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Wartinger Park


  1. Barn
  2. Herb Garden
  3. Log Houses

Park Features

This 4.3-acre park is home of the Beavercreek Historical Society (BHS) and the Flower Trail Garden Club. It features 4 small log houses moved to the site from other locations in Beavercreek. It also features a large herb garden and the Marie Wartinger Memorial Garden. 

The park is also home to the Tobias-Zimmer Barn that was built in 1858. The barn was destroyed by the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes and a replica of the barn was rebuilt in 2002. Today, it is used an educational space and historic representation of early life in Beavercreek. It also serves as a gathering place for community activities, such as ice cream socials and heritage events, as well as private events.