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Creekside Trail


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Trail Details

The Creekside Trail is made up of 4.9 miles of paved trail. This linear park stretches from Montgomery County to downtown Xenia. It is designed for bikers, walkers, joggers, and skaters. It is a 12-foot wide, paved facility that can be accessed at many points. From Xenia, additional trails go north to Clark County and south to Lebanon. In Montgomery County, access is to Eastwood Park and beyond.


In Beavercreek, you can park at 5th 3rd Gateway Park and at E.J. Nutter Park. Additional parking is available at the Township’s Beavercreek Community Park (home to the Girl Scout Memorial) on Factory Road. All of these facilities feature restrooms and water. There are also a couple of parking spaces in downtown Alpha and along Grange Hall Road. There is biking access from Train-Vu, North Fairfield Road, Geneva Street, and Factory Road. 

Trail Maintenance

The trail is open from dawn to midnight, every day of the year. Snow is not removed from the trail during winter to allow cross-country skiers access to the facility. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the trail. Walkers should keep to the right, and bikers and skaters should pass on the left, and proper etiquette is to ring your bell or call out “passing on the left.”


The city owns only the portion within the city limits, the other portions are owned by Beavercreek Township, Xenia Township, Greene County, and the City of Xenia.


Greene County Parks Department manages the trail, providing maintenance and patrolling. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the trail. To host a special event along the trail, a permit is required from Greene County Parks. To use township or city parks for an event, a permit is required from the township or the city. There is no charge.