Alarm Permit and False Alarm Ordinance

Additional information concerning the alarm ordinance and other alarm-related information is also available by contacting the Alarm Administrator at (937) 426-1225.

About the Ordinance

On June 23, 2008, Beavercreek City Council approved a False Alarm Ordinance to reduce the number of excessive business and residential false alarms that were occurring within the City of Beavercreek in an effort to conserve police resources. The effective date of this Ordinance, Section 139 (PDF) is October 1, 2008.

Receiving the Application

As a resident or business owner within the City of Beavercreek, you will be required to obtain an alarm user permit application and register your information with the Beavercreek Police Department at no cost to you. This permit application can also be obtained within the police department lobby.

Alarm Fees

Excessive false alarms received within a consecutive 12 month period will be assessed a fee as follows:

  • 1 - 3 False Alarms: No Fee
  • 4 False Alarms: $50 Administrative Fee
  • 5 False Alarms: $100 Administrative Fee
  • 6 or more False Alarms: $200 Administrative Fee for Each Occurrence

A disconnection request may be made after 12 false alarms or if alarm user has failed to pay in full any administrative fees levied within 30 days after notification, in addition to any criminal penalties that may be imposed under this section.

Alarm Business

No person shall engage in the alarm business within the city whether personally, by agents or employees, singularly, or along with some other business or enterprise, without having first obtained a license to do so in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

An annual fee of $150 shall be paid by an alarm business company doing business in the city, whether it is a corporation, proprietorship, or individual. If a new company registers for business in the city after July 1 and prior to January 31 of the following year, the fee shall be $75. Thereafter, the annual fee shall be $150 per year, due and payable January 31 and to continue until January 31 of the following year. All fees are to be paid to the City Finance Administrative Service Director. Failure to register will result in the inability to operate an alarm business within the city.