Bicycle Friendly Community Signs

bicycle friendly signThe Beavercreek Engineering Department has installed signs within the city recognizing Beavercreek’s designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community

The sign pictured was installed along Grange Hall between Kemp and Pentagon in September. Keep an eye out for additional signs along roadways, sidepaths, and trails elsewhere in Beavercreek!

Creekside Trail Crossing Signs on Grange Hall Road

Continuously flashing yellow beacon lights and warning signs have been installed on Grange Hall Road at the Creekside Trail crossing for both northbound and southbound traffic. 

With the addition of the new signs, it is important to note that traffic and crossing patterns have not changed for vehicles on Grange Hall and Creekside Trail users.

Flashing Bicycle SignCreekside Trail Users

The posted stop sign and sign advising that cross traffic does not stop remains on the trail. Vehicles are not required to stop at the crossing. The lights on the new signs flash continuously and are not activated by users on the trail. Pedestrians, cyclists, and other trail users should look both ways before entering the crossing and proceed carefully through the intersection.

Grange Hall Road Traffic

There is no stop sign and vehicles are not required to stop at the crossing. The lights on the new signs are designed to make motorists aware of the crossing and alert them to exercise caution as they approach and proceed through the intersection.