Vision Statement

The City of Beavercreek is a safe, vibrant community, dedicated to serving the needs of residents and embracing the opportunities of tomorrow.

The purpose of the vision statement to describe the city’s long-term objective and state what city leaders would like to achieve. The vision statement is supported by six strategic priorities that city leaders strive to accomplish. These strategies derived from council’s priorities and serve as guiding statements. Strategies include: 

Strategic Priority 1: Diversifying and creating sustainable revenue sources

Developing and maintaining diversified and sustainable revenue sources is critical to achieving the vision for the city.

Strategic Priority 2: Engaging and informing the community

Beavercreek’s vision can be achieved when the community is engaged, well-informed, and proud to call Beavercreek home. 

Strategic Priority 3: Planning for Infrastructure 

The city has transitioned from being a growing community to one more focused on maintaining and sustaining its existing infrastructure. It is important to city leaders to address the city’s multi-million-dollar infrastructure backlog. 

Strategic Priority 4: Right-sized workforce 

As the city has grown over the past two decades, the city’s workforce has remained stagnant. The city’s workforce should be expanded to meet the demands of residents and prepare for the future.

Strategic Priority 5: Family Friendly Parks 

Parks are a cornerstone of the Beavercreek community by being source of community pride and an economic driver.

Strategic Priority 6: Public Safety

Build mutual trust and respect through collaboration, sharing information, education, and diligent response to community needs and concerns.