North Fairfield Road Widening Project, PID 111452

Project DescriptionN. Fairfield Rd. PID 111442

The City of Beavercreek and the Ohio Department of Transportation are proposing improvements to North Fairfield Road between Fairwood and Lawson Drive. Proposed improvements include:

  • Widening existing road from four lanes (two thru lanes in each direction) to five lanes (two thru lanes in each direction and a center left turn lane)
  • Reconstructing 5 foot sidewalk on west side of Fairfield Road
  • Constructing 8 foot sidewalk on east side of Fairfield Road
  • Curb, bridge improvements (to bridge just south of Be Hope Church), and storm sewer updates

Project Purpose 

The project intends to reduce congestion and improve safety to the traveling public.

Environmental Impacts 

It is anticipated that the project will impact a branch of the Little Beaver Creek and will require waterway permits. A small amount of suitable wooded bat habitat is also expected to be impacted by the project; however, any necessary tree removal will occur between October 1 and March 31 to protect these species during their summer roosting period.

Right-of-Way Needs 

It is anticipated that this project will require temporary and permanent right-of-way. If right-of- way is required from your property, you will be contacted individually by the City of Beavercreek to discuss the effect on your property and explain the acquisition process. Right of way acquisition is expected to occur from summer 2023 to summer 2024.

Maintenance of Traffic 

Traffic on North Fairfield Road is anticipated to be maintained with possible short duration closures on side streets. Access to all properties will be maintained throughout construction.

Existing Typical Section (looking north)

N. Fafirfield Rd. 1

New Typical Section (looking north)N. Fairfield Rd. 2

Anticipated schedule:

March 23, 2023 - Public Meeting
April 23, 2023 - Comment period ends
Spring/Summer 2023 - Response to comments sent
Spring 2025 - Estimated start to construction
Winter/Spring 2026 - Estimated end to construction