Illicit Discharge

What is an illicit discharge?

An illicit discharge is an illegal discharge, connection, or tie-in to a storm sewer. Storm sewer systems are designed to convey storm water runoff to nearby lakes and streams. These systems generally do not treat runoff before it empties into a receiving water body. By dumping anything other than storm water into a storm drain, an illicit discharge takes place and is illegal.

The types of illicit discharges vary widely with some examples being:
  • Automotive fluids and household chemicals
  • Car wash, laundry, and other industrial wastewater
  • Sanitary wastewater (sewage)
  • Septic tank waste
  • Spills on roadways and other accidents

Why is an illicit discharge a problem?

An illicit discharge carries pollutants into the storm water systems and to streams and lakes from these systems without proper treatment. The pollutants in these discharges can cause odors, public health concerns, and harm aquatic life.


Illicit discharges can be reported to the City of Beavercreek by emailing or calling the city's engineering division at (937) 427-5513.