Right-of-Ways and Utilities

Utility Work 

Many residents have likely noticed significant utility work taking place throughout the City of Beavercreek. Although some of this work is located within private utility easements and others within the city's road right-of-way, it is not uncommon for residents to have various inquiries when utility work is ongoing. To address some of these concerns, the city's engineering division has compiled a list of frequently asked questions that the city receives about this type of work:

Can a utility provider install lines upon my property without my permission?

It is typical for residential lots to have utility easements over the property. These utility easements are typically along the edges of the property and are dedicated to the utility company’s use at the time when the lot is created and the neighborhood record plan is filed with Greene County. The utility company is permitted to install and maintain their lines within these utility easement areas. Residents can view utility easment locations through Greene County's Geographic Information Management System. For additional questions, please contact the city's Engineering Division at (937) 427-5513. 

Why is the City allowing these contractors to work in my yard?

The utility company has the right to install and maintain their lines within a utility easement. The City cannot regulate the work of utility companies within dedicated utility easements. 

Who approved this utility project?

The utility company is responsible for planning, maintaining, and repairing their lines within utility easements or within City road Right-of-Way. The City is not involved in the planning or financing of utility expansions.

Who is responsible to repair any damage to my yard due to this work?

The utility company is responsible for any necessary repairs to the property due to their work. If there are questions about which utility company caused the damage, please feel free to contact the Engineering Division at (937) 427-5513 and we will attempt to get you in contact with the proper person. 

Can the contractor work along the roadway in front of my property? 

The utility company is permitted to install their lines within the public road Right-of-Way if they have been granted a permit for the installation by the City. 

For additional questions regarding utility installations, please contact the Engineering Division at (937) 427-5513.

Right-of-Way and Utility Permits
In January 2021, a new permitting process went into effect for right-of-way permits for individuals performing work in the right-of-way, including utilities. This requires anyone working in the right-of-way to be registered and bonded before applying for permits and before any work may begin. For more information and to obtain the necessary forms, please contact the the city's engineering division. Registered contractors may also submit permits online via the Online Permit Center.